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 Wedding Cake Designs

wedding cake designs

Wedding cake designs are a work of art, reflecting the style and taste of the bride and groom, an expression of who they are as a couple.

When most people enter the reception – the first thing they look for is the wedding cake...and it should be center stage for all to see.

A lot of a wedding cake's personality is dependent on its structure. Formal wedding cakes have strict patterns, whimsical cakes, like the topsy turvy, can appear to be falling over.

Let the season be the guide for the wedding cake theme. Cakes should also mirror the visual theme of the event or the location. If your nuptials are in the grand ballroom at the Ritz, then a formal and elegant cake may be in order. If your event is in your backyard, then something more whimsical and informal is more appropriate. If your wedding is semi-formal in the barrel room of a winery, then a semi-formal cake would be a good fit. If you’re celebrating in the new modern, chic museum in town that has square windows, then a square wedding cake would be perfect. You get the idea.

The size of the reception space and the height of ceiling can have a huge impact on wedding cake designs and the size of the cake. Three to four tiers is most common, but many cakes can be even bigger. If your reception is in a ballroom with 30’ ceilings, then a very tall cake, with up to 6 or 7 layers would be proportionate to the space. Bakers often use dummy layers or tall cake display stands to help give them some height.

How the cake icing, structure, flavor and décor are combined dress a cake up or down. Read all about it in the cake decorating for weddings section of our site.

If you can’t decide on one cake, you can serve them all – do a dessert table or mini dessert station with however many smaller cakes you’d like. Individual wedding cakes have also become very popular, but are labor intensive and expensive!

Lots of decisions to make right? Planning your nuptials is definately a lot of pressure, and can put lots of stress on any engaged couple. If your relationship has suddenly become shaky, and you're in need of relief, make a trip to Relationship Advice Bootcamp.

Wedding cake designs covered in this site are listed below: 

Grooms Cake
Usually dark and rich, with honey and nuts, a grooms cake reflects the hobbies or occupation of the lucky guy. Given by the bride as a surprise, it is often petite, informal and whimsical, i.e. a putting green with golfer figurines, an iPhone, his favorite football team's helmet, a can of Red Bull, a keg of his favorite beer...you get the picture.

Fall Wedding Cakes
Fall wedding cakes are our absolute favorite of all wedding cake designs. Indian summer, rustic colors: golden, orange, red, mustard and brown...we love it. Autumn wedding cakes are very popular in the San Francisco Bay Area, as it's the only time of year that nice weather is predictable.

Beach Wedding Cakes
Interested in beach wedding cakes? The surf is up! What makes a coastal cake so “by the shore”? Or, how do you create tropical wedding cakes? We’ve rounded up lots of ideas that we’ve included in this section.

Elegant Wedding Cake
Elegant wedding cakes (also called formal wedding cakes) usually have strict patterns, only a few types of décor, are multi-tiered, and have intricately designed icing.

Simple Wedding Cakes
When most people visualize simple wedding cakes...they see round. Why? Round wedding cakes are no doubt the most common shape used. It's not until more recent years that they have branched out into new shapes: hexagons, squares, topsy turvy, you name it.

Square Wedding Cakes
Square wedding cakes have been quite the trend over the past decade. They're cool, they're edgy, they're a perfect fit for couples that don't want that "traditional" looking dessert. Tiers can also be stacked on each other at an angle, or on the stand at an angle to create some angular fun.

Croquembouche Wedding Cake
A traditional French pastry for nuptials is the croquembouche wedding cake. It's really fun to say with a Julia Child accent, try it. When we get a chance, we'll add the audio file. The name comes from the French words 'croque en bouche' meaning 'crunch in the mouth'. This is one of those wedding cake designs that never seems to go out of style.

Cupcake Wedding Cakes
Using cupcake wedding cakes in lieu of the tradition is becoming more popular by the minute. This fun alternative is so much more economical than the traditional and fussy norm. What makes them so cute are all the cupcake decorating ideas and cupcake designs that personalize these cute mini desserts. 

Fun Cake Designs
Fun wedding cake designs add great flair to any wedding! What's most popular these days? Definitely the "look like they're falling over" whimsical cakes. Topsy turvy cakes (also called Mad Hatter cakes, Earthquake, Alice in Wonderland…and probably many other things) do really look like they’re about to fall over.

Christmas Wedding Cakes
Why not take advantage of beautifully decorated venues during the holidays? Christmas Wedding Cakes are usually made “Christmassy” by the décor. There are so many creative ways to tie in a holiday theme, the sky is the limit!

Fountain Wedding Cakes
Let's face it, fountain wedding cakes are out as far as wedding cake designs go. We have not attended or have planned a wedding with one since 1993. Have you? We thought that we should at least include them in this section, and promise not to make fun of them, too much.

Western Wedding Cakes
Western Wedding Cakes are usually made so by the décor. Adding saddles, lassos, cowboy boots, belt buckles, spurs, etc. are sure to give the flair you're looking for. We have also seen creations that are shaped like cowboy boots, cowboy hats, horseshoes and hay bails wrapped with red bandanas. They are not common on the Northern California coast, but we're sure many of our cowboy friends would appreciate us including them on our site. Don't miss our western toppers!

We hope you enjoyed these wedding cake designs! If you'd like to see a wedding cake design not listed here, please feel free to contact us with a suggestion.

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